Cole convinced Payet

West Ham midfielder Dimitri Payet has stated that Joe Cole convinced him to come to West Ham.

He said that he met the player when he was playing at Lille and that Joe Cole has always been talking positively about West Ham. He stated that this has convinced him to sign for the Hammers and that so far he has not regretted doing it.

Dimitri Payet has been an instrumental team for West Ham since he signed for them last season and said that he is pleased to be playing for them. He said that Joe Cole had told him how good it is to play for the team and how the fans are. This is what convinced him to make the move to England and signed for West Ham.

Payet said that he has been lucky to play with Joe Cole, or else he would have never been playing for the Hammers. He stated that Cole was always passionate when he talked about West Ham and demonstrated that he loves to play for the club. Joe Cole was always talking about the supporters and how the atmosphere is on match day.

Dimitri Payet said that he does not regret to have signed for West Ham. He said that he loves the support and that the fans are always there to back the team. He stated that it does not matter they are playing at home or away as there are still fans that accompany the team.

He said that he is determined to help the team in Europe and believe that they have a good chance to break into the top four this season. However, it will require that each player gives their best and fight on the pitch.

Payet wanted to thank Joe Cole for having introduced him to this great club and hope to remain at West Ham for more seasons.