Joe Cole Eyes Prospects In North America

Coventry City has a few gems in football like Joe Cole.

With him been offered a lucrative deal for the summers when he is invited to come play for North American Soccer League, Joe is making Tony Mowbray and others think of alternate possibilities. Joe Cole has agreed to form a deal of one year with the Tampa Bay Rowdies which is a soccer league of North America. The 34 year old is considered one of the star footballers of England. Mowbray is hoping that he can convince the midfielder to stay back. He is currently playing with the Sky Blues team. They might get promoted to play in the Championship this year. If that does happen, he would be required.

However, currently the seasonal matches are being played and Joe is busy playing his part. If America wants him to play it would be good for him as per his well wishers. However, they might also offer him a reason to stay back. At the present moment, Joe is playing the nine games for his team as agreed upon for the season.

There had been many rumors about North American soccer team Tampa Bay Rowdies offering Joe a position. Joe is known to have brought fame to Chelsea and Liverpool teams when he played for them. This might be his chance to head out and play for another region and another country. He might get to start a new life in League One after he has appeared 16 times for the Sky Blues team. He has been able to score only once this season. The deal might have been discussed when they came to play against Stoke City XI. This was a pre season tour of the Rowdies. Joe had gone to watch their match that took place at St George’s Park in Burton.