Joe Cole is enjoying his twilight career in Coventry City

Joe Cole has gone from being signed to a loan deal with Coventry City and 3 months later becoming a permanent player for the English League One club.

At the age of 34, Joe Cole is reaching the last few stages of his career and even though this is the first time that the English midfielder has performed and joined a club in the 3rd tier English League, Joe Cole is excited about what’s lying ahead.

The veteran player voiced his happiness in playing for Coventry City as Joe Cole said: ‘’At the top level, you’re mollycoddled. It’s not because they like you, it’s because you’ve got a price tag on your head you’re a commodity’’

‘’Here, there’s a real family feel. We all clean our own boots. It’s like being a kid again it’s great.If it was about money, I would be in China or India. There have been options over the years, but Coventry suits me.It’s the satisfaction of playing again. Win, lose or draw it’s that feeling of waking up the next day feeling satisfied that I’ve put my body through it and done my job’’ Joe Cole said as he announced that being a player of Coventry City has brought his happiness and he is satisfied in deciding to turn his loan deal with the club into a permanent one.

Coventry City is positioned in the top 6 spots of the English League One as they are making a real and genuine charge that can allow the team to secure a playoff spot and earn a promotion to the English League Championship and this is what Joe Cole is hoping to accomplish with Coventry City which might just be one of the last professional football clubs that he performs in before eventually deciding to hang up his boots and retire and at the age of 34, retirement is already on the horizon.