Joe Cole’s move to Aston Villa hasn’t paid off

On June of 2014, Joe Cole made a move from West Ham United to Aston Villa as the player decided to have his salary slashed down but it didn’t matter to Cole as he just wanted to continue performing in the Premier League and prove his critics as well as himself that his playing career was far from over.

Back in 2003 up until 2010, Joe Cole was a consistent player of Chelsea as he helped the team in winning 3 Premier League titles as well as a number of other trophies. In lapse of time which spanned for over 7 years, Cole was a key player in Stamford Bridge but ever since he left Chelsea, things have not been the same for the English midfielder.

It’s been a little over a year since Joe Cole joined Aston Villa and injuries have started to take a toll on the 33 year old midfielder who made a limited number of performances in the previous season and hasn’t been able to replicate the performances that he used to do during his time when performing for Chelsea.

Joe Cole has been attempting to roll back the years but the objective of the experienced player seems to be out his reach as there is no doubt whatsoever that the best time of his career was spent in Stamford Bridge and now everything seems to be a downhill road for Cole who has displayed glimpses of his former self but only glimpses.

Cole arrived to Aston Villa on August of 2014 with the hope of making a splash in the club but it hasn’t happened and at this point in time it might be better off for him to start considering what to do in these last few remaining years of his career, he has a contract with Aston Villa which extends for 1 more year and when that time arrives, the option of retiring is one that Joe Cole should keep in mind.