Jose Mourinho publicly criticized Luke Shaw for his display in the game against Everton but that was not the first or second time he has done so. The Portuguese manager questioned Shaw’s understanding of the game after his short spell against the Toffees.

Mourinho had to clear the air with the left back before he could return to the Red Devils set-up.

“I tell you this because I told him already. He had a good performance but it was his body with my brain. He was in front of me and I was making every decision for him,” Mourinho said.

The former Blues manager blasted the player for his display when Watford shocked United last year.

Mourinho had a long history of publicly criticizing his players. Eden Hazard seemed to criticize his manager’s tactics when Chelsea lost to Atletico Madrid in the 2014 Champions League semi-final.

The Belgian said the team sits behind the ball and waits for a counter attack. Mourinho responded saying Hazard was not one to sacrifice 100 percentfor the team. Chelsea eventually won the league but as things stated cracking in the next season, Mourinho said hazard did not have all the qualities to be a successful No. 10.

In his earlier spells at Chelsea, Mourinho had issues with Joe Cole and Ricardo Carvalho and he publicly mentioned it. During his time at the Santiago Bernebeu, Mourinho had a messy clash with Pepe in his final year in charge. Pepe noted his displeasure with the way IkerCasillas was being treated and Mourinho reacted saying Raphael Varane was threatening Pepe’s career hence his outburst.

Mourinho has always been controversial at clubs where he manages; when he wins and when he loses. Shaw was just at the receiving end this time and it seems like something that would not end anytime soon.