The head coach of Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers believes that it was the right move for Joe Cole to make as he made a switch to West Ham last season.
“It was difficult for Joe here because he was littered with injuries,” Rodgers said.
“The way things went for him in his first game getting sent off – was a signal of how things were going to go for him here. He’s a good player but at this stage of his career he wanted to go and play regularly. West Ham was maybe his best opportunity to do that.”
Joe Cole now plays for the relegation zone Premier League team West Ham United who are struggling to add points with their most recent triumph being back in late November when they managed to defeat Fulham with a scoreboard of 3-0.
The former Liverpool player said that he will give advices to younger teammates in West Ham that will hopefully help them in their fight of avoiding relegation.
‘Every season is different,’ he said. ‘But hopefully my experience of that situation and what we would have done differently can come into play.

‘I’ve played in many pressure games all over the world. It’s how you perceive it. As a senior player you can draw on all your experiences. For the lads who are not used to the Premier League they need to really get to know what it’s about against Sunderland.

‘We’ve been unfortunate with injuries. Not having Andy Carroll for a long time and Winston Reid has been out as well. We need to pick it up really. We know that and are working hard. I think the Christmas period is vital for us. It will be tight for the rest of the season; there is not much in it between any of the teams. We’ve got to stay strong and together.’