Coach of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp has told former Inter Milan star Mario Balotelli that he has no part in his plans at Anfield.

The Italy international was one of the most talked about player a few years back for his off the field activities but he was able to still get things right on the field of play, until his performance started to decline. Balotelli was impressive at the Euro 2012, but he couldn’t get to such heights regularly at Manchester City. He had problems with his team mates and then coach Roberto Mancini.

Balotelli made the mode to AC Milan but couldn’t do anything. Worst, he picked up an injury that means he might never play at top level again. As his deal ended, he returned to Liverpool but he is not welcome either. There are no clubs keen to take the player and his career is on hold. Looking at other players Joe Cole is one player that didn’t live up to expectations also.

Cole was a different breed of Englishman who could dribble, pass the ball and was a real number 10. Cole was hyped by the media as the next Steve McManaman who ended up doing great things at Real Madrid, even winning the UEFA Champions League. Eventually, he moved to Chelsea from the West Ham team he joined when he was only 18. The player had issues with the 4-4-2 system as eh didn’t have the physical ability of a central midfielder or the speed for the wings.

Mourinho changed the formation to 4-3-3. Cole played on the left but had three central midfielders to do the dirty job. There were moments of brilliance at his career at Chelsea and England but he eventually moved to France where he was sterling combining with Eden Hazard. The 34-year old continues his career at TB Rowdies in the North American Soccer League where he might likely end his career.