Gracia not too unhappy with Watford’s performance

Watford lost against Liverpool by a margin of 3 goals yesterday and anyone who sees the scoreline will say it’s a thrashing that the Hornets received at the hands of the Reds, but Javi Gracia, the man in charge of Watford at the moment, thinks otherwise.

According to Gracia, his team wasn’t beaten as brutally by Liverpool as the final scorecard shows. For the majority of the game, Watford was neck and neck with Liverpool and it was only in the last quarter or so that they lost a bit of control where Liverpool belted back to back three goals to make the score-line mighty impressive in their favour, but the numbers didn’t reflect the true story.

Gracia insists that his team’s approach was pretty correct. They played to their strength and their strength is their defense. That’s what they look to do every game, they look to be pretty solid with their back-line and then when an opportunity arises, they try to catch the opposition on the counter-press and that’s what their tactic was against Liverpool, but Liverpool’s attack possesses so much quality that it’s not easy to contain them for a long period of time. However his team still fought hard and managed to contain the Reds for well over an hour which was commendable.

“In the second half, they scored and I think the match was closer than the scoreline but we accept and continue.” Gracia was quoted saying by Sky Sports.

“I think we played well for 65 minutes with good defensive work. Playing against Liverpool is difficult and demanding, but we tried.” Gracia added.

Gracia is all set to be given a contract extension of two years by Watford for his impressive work as manager.