Joe Cole Is At England’s Side To Go All The Way At The World Cup

Joe Cole, the Former England midfielder has backed the England’s chances of winning the World Cup against Tunisia ahead of the opening game on Monday. Cole, who is now 36, during his international career has represented England at three World cups, however, he never managed to get past the stage of quarter-final.

The midfielder believes the current crop of Gareth Southgate will not be held back by tactical issues and expectation and he felt restricted England in last tournaments.

In an interview, he said,” Gareth is now inside the team, now let’s have a look what we build around and have got’, rather than unnecessarily fitting all our best players into a system that does not suit. The right placement of players ensures the win. And right now, the team has a good number of players who can be fitted at different positions and who are ready to take challenges and turn the game into their favor.”

He said, “Right now, I don’t want to be optimistic overly but at this time I feel like we can go all the way. We just have to be little cautious about the management of the team and the placement of players. The team’s form in the last seven or eight games opposite some of the best teams in the world, I have considered that and after watching their game, I believe, we have an excellent opportunity as the lack of expectation on the team.

“The team can kick in. They can go and just take the shackles off and play.”

On the night of Monday, England will start their World Cup campaign against Tunisia in Volgograd before facing Belgium and Panama in their remaining Group G fixtures.